Week # 13

Week 13 of the #smallandsimplechallenge First off- we messed up. With everything going on we forgot to post this challenge last week. We’ll still be posting another one tomorrow so if you’re feeling brave do both! This one you’ve all been asking for 😂. Now before you say “I’m out” know there are plenty of modifications that beginners can make. You can try on your knees instead of yours toes. You can try it leaning against a wall or furniture. Just push. Try and keep your elbows closer to your sides. This helps keep your shoulders in a good position. Shoot for 10 a day and go up from there. You’re going to do great! – If you want to be included in our weekly drawing make sure you follow @utopius.wellness on instagram and comment that you’re in on the challenge. The CBD giveaway for pushups is over, but there will be another giveaway tomorrow.

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